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Pain of Salvation

Flame to the Moth

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© Подбор песни: Михаил Очерет для https://Muzland.ru
» Заказал(а): Антон Никитин

Lyrics and Music by Daniel Gildenlöw

Intro: :3/4: …  } 8 times
       E | E E F | E | E E Fadd11+ | E | E E F | E | E
       E | E E F | E | E E F | E | E E F | E | E E F

E F    E
I long for the summer,
           Am              F           E
I long for the sun, gently touching my face.
     Fadd11+ E            F    E
I’ll open my eyes, let it burn every splinter,
               Dm            Bbmaj     E
Unleash desert storms on its way to my heart.

    E    F     E
And I had this coming
Am              E
Every day of my life,
F       E      F     E
This is where I stop fighting,
Am   F    E
Eyes open wide.

E               Esus4            E
I once had blue eyes, hungry and wise,
             C               A           E
Now they are black from this dark age of lies.
               Esus4           E
We’re all privatized, industrialized,
         C           A            E
We capitalize on the beams in our eyes.

Instrumental: E E F  } 7 times

It’s all in the eyes.

E      F       E
Eyes - tearing with sorrow,
             Am        F           E
Burning with anger and passion and lust,
    F             E          F       E
The swift wind of thought of wildness and laughter,
              Dm          Bbmaj          E
The soil of defiance, the firm ground of trust.

(We had this coming every day of our lives.)
(We should start fighting for eyes open wide.)

         E                F            E
But I am put here in this world gone insane
Where everything’s for sale:
From nature over stars down to DNA.
           F      E
Then I can gladly say:
                    F           E
I’d be the first to break that norm
Any day, any way,
And the last to join the ranks
To hunt down the daily threat
Or any other brand of prey.

E                Esus4             E
We once had blue eyes, probing the skies,
             C              A           E
Now they are blackened from this modern life.
               Esus4           E
We’re all privatized, industrialized,
              C           A           E
A failure - offensive and sore to the eye.

Instrumental: E E F  } 7 times

             E           C
   From this dark age of treason
      Am              E  F E F E F E F G
   We all know how to cry,
   C       Am           G
   Then we learn how to smile, oh,
   How to smile.
   C         Am          E  F E F E F
   We’re all telling the truth,
   E      F G  C
   Tell us the truth!
           Am           G
   Then we learn how to lie,
   Oh, how we lie,
   Now we lie.

Instrumental: Eadd9- | Eadd9- | E | E

When you bow your heads tomorrow
At the world we build today,
I want you to remember
       Esus4           F
That I stood my ground
         E       Fmaj
And said no, say no.

I said no…
Say no!
I said no…
Say no!
I said no…
Say no!
Say no!
Say no!

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