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Raphael Gualazzi

Madness of Love

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Testo e Musica di Raphael Gualazzi
Lyrics and Music by Raphael Gualazzi
Италия / Евровидение 2011

Intro: :2/4: Gm | Gm7 | C | D#
       Gm | Gm7 | C | D#

     Gm       Bb       Em75- Edim7
Dire si, dire mai non è facile, sai,
D#7                                                 D
And all the world around you seems to slip and disappear.
       Gm         Bb       Em75-      Edim7
Io non so più chi sei, non mi importa chi sei,
D#7                        D               D+    Gm
I know for certain I won't bother you with nostalgia.

          G                 G7   E        E7
     Ma vedrai un altro me in un sogno fragile,
         Am7      G#+        Am7         D7
     Riderai come se non ti avessi amato mai,
           G                G7   E7
     Cercherai un altro me oltre l’ombra di un caffè,
          Am7      G#+
     Troverai solo me
     Cm6                                      Gm
     Se mi fermo un attimo io non so più chi sei.

Instrumental: Gm | Bb | Em75- | Edim7 | D#7 | D7 | Gm | D

       Gm     Bb         Em75-         Edim7
Qui si vive così, day by day, night by night,
D#                                              D      D7 
But all the world around us slips away and disappears.
        Gm           Bb            Em75-
I can't live in your eyes, I can't read in your mind,
D#                       D              D+     Gm
But someone hit me and I fell into your heart, my dear.

                G              G7          E7                    
     And you’ll fly over lands, where your eyes can’t find the end,
          Am7             G#+                Am7                 D
     Upon mountains, down lanes, through the clouds, out of your pains.
               G                   G7         E7                   
     You'll be fine, you'll be fine, all your troubles you won't mind,
                 Am7        G#+
     Then you'll land in my heart,
     Cm6                                               Gm
     Being so far away from you just makes me feel so damned!

Instrumental: Gm | Bb | Em75- | Edim7 | D#7 | D7 | Gm | Gm
              Gm | Bb | Em75- | Edim7 | D#7 | D7 | Gm | Gm

          G                G7    E7         
     E vedrai un altra te, quasi invincibile,
          Am7      G#+      Am7            D7
     Viva come non mai ed è li che tu mi avrai
          Em     D#+         Em7   A7
     Oltre false magie l'orizzonte sarai,
            G    Bb
            Cmaj D#
            G    Bb C7 D#
            G    Gm D#7 Gm D#7 Gm D#7 Gm Gm6

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