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Song of Skates (Holiday on Ice)



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From "Masha and The Bear"
("Holiday on Ice")
Lyrics by Gala Minasova and Music by Vasily Bogatyrev
The interpreters of the song: Elsie Fisher and Mikhail Shtangrud

Intro: :2/4: Bb | F
       G7 E7 | C C C

    C                F
The ice rinks on the river,
     A7                Dm
They glimmer, and they shimmer.
    C                  F
Grownups stay home and shiver,
        Em75-         A7
But the kids all run away.
     C                 F
They put on skates and go
   A7              Dm
To dance under the snow,
     Bb        C        F       Gm  
Then they transform, as they perform
    A7           Dm Dm7   Dm
The beautiful ballet.

Instrumental: :2/4: Bb | F
              G7 E7 | C C C

    C                 F
The snowflakes in the air,
     A7                Dm
Like silver stars they glare.
   C            F
Go there if you dare,
       Em75-            A7
If you care to join the play.
    C             F
Tie laces on your new skates,
     A7              Dm
Then go on meet your playmates.
  Bb       C            F       Gm  
Before you know, you’re good to go
    A7              Dm Dm7   Dm
And skate the fancy way.

Instrumental: :2/4: C | F | A7 | Dm
              C | F | Em75- | A7
              C | F | A7 | Dm

              Bb C | F F6
              A7 | Dm Dm7 Dm

              C | G
              A7 F#7 | D D D

      D                G
Let’s have the festive music
    H7              Em
And songs that are amusing
    D            G
For all of us to dance and sing
    F#m75-         H7
And celebrate this day.
    D                 G
The kids have fun and feel great,
     H7                 Em
They smile and laugh as they skate.
     C      D        G        Am  
They have a blast as they run fast
    H7            Em
And as they sway away.

Instrumental: :2/4: C D | G Am
              H7 | Em Em7 Em

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