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Lyrics and Music by Gwen Stefani and Dallas Austin

Intro: D | D | G | A7 A7sus4  } ×2

     D                       G
It’s hard to remember how it felt before,
A7                            A7sus4
Now I’ve found the love of my life
D                       G
Passes, things get more comfortable,
A7                   A7sus4
Everything is going right.

   G                 A
   And after all the obstacles
   It’s good to see you now
   With someone else.
 G                 A
   And it’s such a miracle
   That you and me
   Are still good friends,
         G                   A7
   After all that we’ve been through,
   I know we’re cool.
                      G A7 A7sus4
   I know we’re cool.

We used to think it was impossible,
Now you call me by my new last name.
Memories seem like so long ago;
Time always kills the pain.

   Remember Harbor Boulevard,
   The dreaming days
   Where the mess was made?
   Look how all the kids have grown, oh,
   We have changed
   But we’re still the same.
   After all that we’ve been through,
   I know we’re cool.
                      G A7 A7sus4 D
   I know we’re cool.
                           G A7 A7sus4
   E-ee, I know we’re cool.

   And I’ll be happy for you
   If you can be
   Happy for me.
   Circles and triangles,
   And now we’re hanging out
   With your new girlfriend.
   So far from where we’ve been,
   I know we’re cool.
                      G A7
   I know we’re cool.
     A7sus4 D
   Uh, uh,
   I know we’re cool.
           A7 A7sus4 D
   Uh, uh,
                      G A7
   I know we’re cool.

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