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Gunnar Halle

This Last One is for You

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Lyrics and Music by Gunnar Halle
feat. Maria Laurette Friis

Do you really want to go
Leave this place?
Is there anything that I
Can do to make you understand with me?
Still there is so much to share; love is always of the God,
So you’ve said: oh, what feel so right cannot feel wrong
This up to mess with so
Unfair, give me something I can keep.

We shared in sheltered room
Beyond the moon,
A place where no one else
Could reach us.
We knew, we played with heart
And we both could burn, scare to fall in losing all,
You were my angel and my life
For a while.
But your favorite wins can wait
Too heavy.
Those first, that gave you souls of love,
Won’t this singing no more, you’ll write another too,
That’s why this last one is for you.

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