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Lyrics by Urša Vlašič and Music by Matjaž Vlašič
Словения / Евровидение 2011

And you came to me one night,
Like a morning light,
Just to hold me tight,
Then you left and I was so alone,
Saying I should have known,
You’re no good for me.

   There’s no reason, I should cry,
   No, no, baby, I’ll survive,
   I don’t care,
   I don’t care.

     No one will ever hold you tight,
     No one will ever love you like,
     Just no one like I do,
     There is no one, no one.

     No one will ever treat you right,
     You’re the one who’s never satisfied,
     There is no one like I…
     Like I am.

I can feel what you’re looking for,
I’m not that girl no more.
I’m not made of stone.

   I’m gonna stand on my own,
   Not gonna break me down,
   No one will stop me now,
   No, no, no, no, no, no…
   ‘Cause life is kind without you,
   And I know I can make it through
   Without you, without you…

   Life goes all around,
   Round and round and round.
   I feel love for sure
   (And it’s gonna get you.)

   Life goes all around,
   Spinning all around,
   Now you want me, don’t you.

     No one will ever
     Hold you tight, hold you tight,
     No one will ever
     Love you like, love you like,
     I can feel your love, oh, yeah,
     I’m never gonna let you.

     No one will ever
     Treat you right, treat you right,
     You’re the one
     Who’s never satisfied, satisfied,
     After all, you can fall,
     And there’s no one you can reach to.

     No one will ever, ever love you,
     No one will ever, ever touch you,
     No one will ever, ever hold you,
     Turn around now, just turn around now,
     If you love me, yeah.
     No one like me,
     No one,
     No one…


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