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Jason Mraz
I Won’t Give Up


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Lyrics and Music by Jason Mraz and Michael Natter

Intro: A/E E | E  } 3 times
       Hsus4 Hsus4/F# | H

                 A/E  E
When I look into your eyes:
                       A/E   E
It’s like watching the night sky
               A/E E
Or a beautiful sunrise.
                         Hsus4 H
Oh, there’s so much they hold.

And just like them old stars,
I see that you’ve come so far
To be right where you are.
How old is your soul?

                        A     E
     Well, I won’t give up on us
                 C#m7      H
     Even if the skies get rough.
                    A      E
     I’m giving you all my love,
                       H   Hsus4 H
     I’m still looking up.

    E                   A/E  E
And when you’re needing your space
           A/E E
To do some navigating,
             A/E       E
I’ll be here patiently waiting
                Hsus4 H
To see what you find.

     ’Cause even the stars, they burn,
     Some even fall to the earth.
     We got a lot to learn,
                      H         Hsus4 H
     God knows, we’re worth it.
                      Amaj A6 Amaj A6
     No, I won’t give up.

   I don’t wanna be someone,
   Who walks away so easily.
   I’m here to stay and make the difference
   That I can make.

   Our differences, they do a lot
   To teach us how to use
   The tools and gifts we got.
   Yeah, we got a lot at stake.

   And in the end
   You’re still my friend,
   At least we did intend
   For us to work.
   We didn’t break,
   We didn’t burn,
   We had to learn
   How to bend without the world caving in.
   I had to learn
   What I got
   And what I’m not,
   And who I am.

     E            A     E
     I won’t give up on us
                 C#m       H
     Even if the skies get rough.
                    A      E
     I’m giving you all my love,
     I’m still looking up,
                   H/D# H
     Still looking up.

         H            A     E
     But I won’t give up on us
     (No, I’m not giving up),
                    C#m    H
     God knows, I’m tough enough
     (I am tough, I am loved),
                 A      E
     We’ve got a lot to learn
     (We’re alive, we are loved),
     God knows, we’re worth it
                Hsus4      H
     (And we’re worth it).

     H            A     E
     I won’t give up on us
                 C#m       H
     Even if the skies get rough.
                    A      E
     I’m giving you all my love,
     I’m still looking up.

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