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From "Masha and The Bear"
("Tracks of unknown Animals")
Lyrics by Gala Minasova and Music by Vasily Bogatyrev
The interpreter of the song: Elsie Fisher

If I’d see some tracks right now,
I’d know them! I never fail!
A guinea pig, a longhorn cow,
A crawly bug, a nightingale.

Whose tracks go in and out,
Up and down the forest road?
Who is running all about?
Billy bear with Grizzly goat!

No! Just wait now! I think I can’t…
Who walked here for a while?
Oh! It was a furry elephant.
Or a feathered crocodile?

No, I won’t lose! Yes, I will win!
I know who’s been here too –
It’s the tropic jungle penguin
And the arctic cockatoo!

If I’d see some tracks right now,
I’d know them! I never fail!
A longhorn pig, a guinea cow,
And of course the daytingale!

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