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Lyrics and Music by Natalie Imbruglia, Francis White and Shepard Soloman

Intro: E | Emaj
       G#m | G#m H  } 2 times

E             Emaj
I walk a mile with a smile
And I don’t know I don’t care
      H  E        Emaj        G#m    H
Where I am, but I know it’s alright,
E               Emaj
Jump the tracks can’t get back
        G#m         H     E
I don’t know anyone round here,
        Emaj      G#m
But I’m safe this time.

‘Cause when you…
Tell me, tell me, tell me
       Hsus4           H
Stupid things like you do,
Yes I…
Have to, have to, have to
           Hsus4         H
Change the rules I can’t lose.

              E      Emaj   G#m
     ‘Cause I shiver I just break up,
     H        E    Emaj
     When I’m near you
     It all gets out of hand.
     H     E      Emaj  G#m
     Yes I shiver I get bent up
     H          E
     There’s no way back
     Emaj               G#m    A
     I know you’ll understand.

We talk and talk round it all
Who’d of thought,
We’d end up here, but I’m feeling fine
In a rush, never trust
You’ll be there if I’d only stop
And take my time.

‘Cause with you…
I’m running, running, running
Somewhere I can’t get to.
Yes I…
Have to, have to, have to
Change the rules I’m with you.


   Dmaj9                                 C#m7
   What if you get off at the next stop,
   Would you just wave us
   I’m drifting off.
   And if I never saw you again
         A      H      C#m7   A
   Could I keep all of this inside.



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